- Are you a leader strapped for time, struggling to build your presence and manage your profile, especially on Linkedin? - Is your organization finding it tough to align, inspire and enhance employee experience? - Is your company's LinkedIn page falling behind and losing its talent attraction edge? Layoffs. AI. Market upheavals. Global crises. Workplace changes - there is a lot that change your career and life in an instant. Unless you take charge of your situation. Tap the full potential of your personal brand as a leader, you are missing out on opportunities to stand out in a competitive market. Get intentional about your company's Linkedin page to be 'discoverable' and ahead of the game. Bring your A-game to making employees thrive at your workplace. Ease the load with these specialized services: 1. Internal Communications: Practical blueprints for audits, engagement and transformation. Engage on short-term or long-term assignments. 2. LinkedIn Profile Optimization: Make your profile work for you. One-time and long-term engagement offers available. 3. Managed Services for Organizations: Keep your LinkedIn page active and engaging. Lite-touch or end-to-end page management services offered. Reach out now to experience the power of intentional communication. 💼 Connect for a free 30-minute chat : https://meet.brevo.com/aniisu-k-verghese/ask-aniisu-

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Why Engage Me? - As a recognized LinkedIn Top Voice for Internal Communications & Personal Branding, I offer insights and solutions at the dynamic intersection of these evolving domains. - Over 22 years of experience with multinationals in India, Poland and UK - I see organizations as more than entities-they are a blend of individual employees, each with their unique 'personal brand.' Through an inclusive approach and by inspiring staff as change partners, I help boost industry presence and advocacy. I am an award-winning communications leader, speaker, author, and advisor who has helped leaders and organizations discover, develop and deliver results. - Author of Inclusive Internal Communications (2023), Get Intentional (2021) and Internal Communications - Insights, Practices and Models (2012). - Contributing author to Shared Services and Outsourcing Network and the Institute for Public Relations.


Whether you're a business leader, manager, HR pro seeking employee communicationd or personal branding guidance or an organization seeking to scale your Linkedin corporate page impact, we've got you covered: 1. Internal Communications: Practical blueprints for audits, engagement and transformation - Training: Elevate your team's communication prowess. 2. LinkedIn Profile Optimization: Make your profile work for you. - Social Network Strategy: Leverage networks for innovation. 3. Managed Services for Organizations: Keep your LinkedIn page active and engaging. - Brand and presence building: Elevate your company's value and impact

It is less about theories and more about impact. My approach delivers tangible outcomes, tailored for individuals and groups. I have conceptualized and implemented award-winning campaigns on employee, crisis and change management at leading brands and with globally recognized firms. I am an Australian Distinguished Talent Permanent Residency Visa awardee (2023), have received the IABC APAC Communicator of the Year Award (2022) and the PR Council of India Hall of Fame Award (2015). Read testimonials on Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/aniisu/details/recommendations/

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Intraskope helps organizations and professionals get the most with intentional employee communications and personal branding. Gain from effective audits, build strong strategies, enhance leadership presence, improve employee experience and involve staff to be passionate brand advocates.

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Understand yourself better, appreciate your circumstances and environment and use a proven model to create a consistent, authentic and focused personal brand. Get assessed, trained and coached to present your best self to the world. "Aniisu set a great example by showing how to build a personal brand with a systematic and consistent approach. I recently used his services and gained a lot from his expertise. Despite being an industry leader for many years with a solid reputation, I used to think my work would speak for itself. But as we all know, that's not always enough. There's more to building and communicating your personal brand over time." - Michal Polak, senior travel technology leader (Poland)

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Build a strong brand and reputation by investing in a fully managed Linkedin corporate page engagement. Leave the heavy lifting on content strategy and marketing to us while you focus on more pressing business concerns. Our partnership will increase talent attraction opportunities, drive engagement and improve your standing as an employer of choice. "Aniisu joined our 2023 leadership seminar to share his insights, and we gifted his book on personal branding, “Get Intentional”, to our attendees. A few weeks later, having read his earlier book “Internal Communications: Insights, practices, and models”, we sought his expertise to help drive a cross-functional workshop aimed at refining our internal communications practices and implementing a cohesive content strategy. Aniisu was quick to understand our needs. The team greatly appreciated his collaborative and researched-based approach to reaching our desired outcomes." - Carla Haag, Head- Culture and Executive Office - Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise (France).

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Unleash Possibilities Let's co-create, innovate, and elevate your personal branding and employee communication effectiveness. Partner with me to stand out in the market through creative solutions, and enhanced competencies. 💼 Let's connect for a free 30-minute chat : https://meet.brevo.com/aniisu-k-verghese/ask-aniisu-

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