Aniisu K. Verghese Ph.D.

Globally Recognized Communicator and Prosci® Certified Change Management Practitioner. Linkedin Top Voice for Internal Communications and Personal Branding (2023). Australian Distinguished Talent Permanent Residency Visa Awardee.


Aniisu K Verghese Ph.D., is an award-winning internal communications leader, author, speaker, trainer, researcher and blogger with over 22 years of experience in change and transformation initiatives. A Distinguished Talent Permanent Residency Visa Awardee (2023), the IABC APAC Communicator of the Year (2022) and the Public Relations Council of Indias Hall of Fame winner (2015), he is the author of Inclusive Internal Communications (2023), Internal Communications Insights, Practices and Models (2012) and Get Intentional (2021) and is passionate about engaging communicators, academia and students through workshops, speaking engagements, teaching assignments and blogging. Aniisu started India's first blog on internal communications - Intraskope ( in 2006 to share tips, practices and insights with practitioners.


Based in Sydney, Australia, he is a Prosci® Certified Change Management Practitioner (2023). Aniisu served as the Director of Communications at a leading travel technology firm, heading the brand and reputatio