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Attract and Retain Top Talent with Effective Employer Branding

Present and engage through your organization’s authentic Employee Value Proposition

What is Employer Branding?

Organizations today grapple with unparalleled challenges in the pursuit of attracting, retaining, and engaging top talent. How they identify and present their authentic selves to audiences, internally and outside, can decide the future of the businesses. Employer branding is the strategic process of shaping and promoting an organization's image as an employer, accentuating its unique values and offerings to attract and retain top talent. A consistent approach to communicating the employee value proposition combined with reputation building measures can give organizations a strategic and competitive advantage.

Why is it Important?

·       Anticipating Trends: As recruiters anticipate increased investments, staying abreast of employer branding trends is crucial for adapting to the evolving recruitment landscape.

·       Employee Satisfaction: Recognizing the importance of job security and understanding attrition factors contributes to heightened employee satisfaction.

·       Brand Impact: A robust employer brand, twice as likely to attract job consideration, plays a pivotal role in shaping organizational perception.

What Trends Are Shaping the Landscape?

·       Anticipated Shift: According to LinkedIn's Future of Recruiting 2023, 60% of recruiters foresee an upswing in employer branding investments, with 64% envisioning a future more favourable to candidates and employees.

·       Job Seeker Dynamics: Job security stands out as a prime driver for employee satisfaction, with 72% feeling secure in their current roles. A critical note for organizations is that job seekers leverage an average of 3.4 channels in their job searches (source: Randstad Employer Brand Research 2023 Global Report).

·       Attrition Factors: Key factors leading to attrition include career advancement, salary equity, role monotony, and recognition (Future of Pay, 2023).

·       Excellence Markers: Top companies distinguish themselves through clear communication, attention to employee welfare, and adaptability (MIT Sloan Management Review, 2020).

·       Brand Influence: A company's employer brand possesses twice the influence on job consideration compared to its company brand. Activity on the LinkedIn network shows that 61% of members following your organization are willing to be brand ambassadors and share your EVP with their networks (LinkedIn Hiring Solutions, 2012).

What are the Key Considerations in Employer Branding?

·       Crafting a Distinct Employer Brand: Understanding the impact of a strong employer brand. Attract and retain top talent.

·       Defining Your Employer Value Proposition: Analyzing industry employer value propositions. Stand out in the competitive talent market.

·       Cultivating Employee Engagement: Exploring effective employee engagement strategies. Cultivate a positive workplace culture.

·       Leveraging Social Media for Branding: Understanding the role of social media in employer branding. Leverage platforms for enhanced visibility.

·       Measuring and Enhancing Brand Impact: Key metrics for evaluating employer brand success. Make data-driven decisions for brand enhancement.

Who is it For?

Organizations and Human Resources Practitioners, irrespective of size or industry, seeking to enhance their employer brand and attract and retain top talent.

Why Choose Intraskope and Aniisu K Verghese PhD?

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